Alysse Fogel RD

Nutrition is about incorporating…

Nutrition is about incorporating healthy eating into your daily life.




Brief Introduction

HBA University of Toronto

BAA Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies, Ryerson University

Registered Dietitian, Dietitians of Canada

Since 1993, Alysse Fogel has been in private practice, counseling her clients on how to live a healthier life style. Through her positive, energetic and personal approach, Alysse helps her clients implement long term lifestyle changes. Her teaching philosophy is based on what you CAN eat and not what you can’t. This is fostered by incorporating client individual lifestyles, including family meals, restaurant dining, food purchasing, special occasions and holiday eating. This individual lifestyle approach allows nutrition to become a part of the client’s life routine, rather than a short term solution to allow for long term nutritional success.

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